Growing up in small-town New Hampshire, my life was lived in a bubble in many ways. I was exposed to a good education, sports, and the outdoors, but not much more than that. Film and TV provided a way to access a world outside my homogeneous population and culture. I was fortunate enough to be take a video production class in high school, but didn’t exactly latch on to it until college. 

After declaring Media & Film Studies as my major at Michigan State University, I studied abroad in London and immersed myself in Film Studies with other students. Our final assignment was to produce a short film while we were there. Not many college assignments stick with you, but my memory of staying up all night before the deadline to edit with my teammate was unlike anything else I had experienced. The process of taking an idea out of thin air and turning it into a tangible product for others to see truly unlocked something in me.

As a Sophmore in college, I met Rosco P. and the Zoo Crew, who were based nearby in Lansing, Michigan. With my newly purchased Canon Rebel T3i, I was able to shoot concerts, studio sessions, and music videos. Our partnership culminated in a 5-day trip to Atlanta, GA where we met with record labels, producers, and toured different studios, all the while recording music and documenting footage along the way. Apart from my work with these clients, I interned at C&R Inc. and the Detroit Pistons (formerly owned by Palace Sports & Entertainment).


Following my graduation from MSU, I secured work with the Major League Lacrosse and Boston Museum of Science. My three years at the Museum solidified my production knowledge, and gave me the confidence to produce video for "clients" or leaders in varying departments with varying goals and ways of looking at content.


In 2019, I made the move to Brooklyn to pursue my freelance career, but I have returned to the Boston area because of Covid. Whether you're looking for a photographer, videographer, drone operator, video editor/producer, or all the above, I will meet you at your budget and exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions about my rates or video packages, email Alex at or visit my Contact page.

I look forward to working with you!