Short-Form Narrative

Client: Boston Musuem of Science


Title: Impact Story - Dana Romanczyk


Date of Completion: January 2019


Roles: Co-Producer,

Co-Videographer, Video Editor

Client: Boston Museum of Science

Title: Worcester District Implementation of EiE Engineering Curricula

Date of Completion: September 2018


Roles: Co-Producer,

Co-Videographer, Video Editor

Client: Victory Programs

Title: Jonathan Scott Testimonial

Date of Completion: May 2019

Roles: Video Editor, Field Producer

Client: Boston Museum of Science

Title: Water Reuse Special Report (Engineering Everywhere)

Date of Completion: December 2018

Role: Video Editor

Client: Zoo Crew

Title: A Zoo Crew Weekend in Atlanta

Date of Completion: July 2015

Role: Producer, Videographer, Video Editor

Client: Deepica Mutyala

Title: My Intense Hydrating Skincare Routine For My Dry Skin! | Deepica Mutyala

Date of Completion: April 2020

Role: Video Editor

Client: Deepica Mutyala

Title: How to Properly Work From Home - 10 Key Tips

Date of Completion: April 2020

Role: Video Editor

Client: The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra

Title: Christmas Album Promo

Date of Completion: January 2020

Role: Video Editor

Client: Society Row

Title: Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Preparation

Date of Completion: December 2019

Role: Video Editor

Client: Rosco P.

Title: Sound Experience From a Rosco P.OV

Date of Completion: July 2015

Roles: Co-Producer, Video Editor

Client: Rosco P.

Title: Diamonds / Pound Cake (Herb Cake) Music Video

Date of Completion: February 2014

Roles: Co-Producer, Videographer, Video Editor

Music Videos

Social Media

Short Film/ Film Trailers

Client: To Be Free Productions

Title: To Be Free Short Film Trailer

Date of Completion: August 2018

Role: Video Editor

Title: Borrowed Time

Date of Completion: May 2015

Roles: Location Scout, Line Producer, Video Editor, Actor

Title: Something Nice

Date of Completion: May 2015

Role: Writer, Director, Producer, Video Editor